Allianz Suisse visits Allianz Global Digital Factory! 

A group of colleagues from Allianz Suisse recently visited Allianz Global Digital Factory (GDF) and today we will reveal all the exciting stuff happened that day!

You probably have already heard that some of our Suisse colleagues lately visited Global Digital Factory (GDF) as well as our Unterföhring office. Even better if you have not because today, we will dive deep and reveal all the exciting stuff that happened that day!

We were stuck in the home office for the last two years. Therefore, we took this as an opportunity to get know our colleagues from Switzerland and let them know about our work and products -  thanks to Aaiza Adil and Benazir for planning the whole program and Micha Block, as well as Dominik Ertl for guiding us. Also, let us have a clap for Mozammel Hossain from the Comms team for capturing all the wonderful moments.  Surprisingly, most of the visitors have a business background and therefore wanted to know how we plan, design, develop and release products at GDF.  

The tour started with a warm welcome and a short tour to show our awesome Plaza workplace. The visitors really liked the cosy atmosphere here. Well, now you know the secret sauces that we use to impress visitors. xD.  Then everyone gathered at the coffee area, got introduced and had some sweet chit-chat. Later we moved to our conference room for some serious talks. 

Our head of UX/UI design Micha Block started with a look at GDF history and next talked about the challenges, continuous change and growth over the years, teams, and work modes. He also explained how we are today embedded and part of Digital Interactions & Experience Design (DIXD) and the values we stand for. Feeling curious? Read more about our team structure here.

Later he talked about some of our products such as Allianz Customer Model (ACM), Business Master Platform (BMP) etc. ACM is Allianz´s customer model with a focus to accelerate the simplicity and transformation of our business. On the other hand, if we combine both Information Technologies (IT) and business we get BMP. 

Next Benazir took the baton and led us to the world of UX/UI design. Our UX/UI design team works with but not limited to the Allianz Design System containing UX design and code libraries, Patterns, Guidelines for UX Writing, Building Block Library, Documentation etc. As GDF, we care about both UX and implementation assets. And Harshavardhan Nayak introduced our visitors to the various aspects of software development. He illustrated not only how we test and analyze a code before it goes live but also why it matters. Besides, he also talked about the backend and frontend systems and how we can synchronize them together in the following Q & A session.

Brendan Boeger from our analytics team joined the discussion after Harshavardhan Nayak and demonstrated how data analysis is helping our Operating Entities (OEs) to grow sales and become more efficient at utilizing the available resources. 

For example, when someone clicked on the contact button, the analytics team helps us to understand the reasons that enable us to design a better customer journey. If the customer leaves our website earlier, they try to find out all the possible reasons behind it

Not to mention, it is their day today’s task to track and measure who and how visitors are using Allianz websites. Sometimes, they also compare between OEs and extract findings to optimize solutions globally. 

Allianz CH visit
Finally, Alina Rubina and Aaiza Adil concluded the discussion with a bang! They together with @micha are now leading the UX Community of Practice initiative. The idea behind our UX CoP is pretty simple. If someone is facing one problem, someone else can have the solution. Our goal is to give all designers and researchers a platform where they can exchange ideas as well as knowledge. Sometimes they invite other COPs for ideas and to do some exercises to make the program interesting, and interactive. The participants provide feedback after every session. It is fun and collaborative and not chaos at all, even if the UX CoP is continuously growing and has already more than 100 participants.
Allianz CH visit
The next day, our visitors got to see behind the scenes of "Allianz Zentrum für Technik". Then heading further to the campus of Unterföhring they were greeted with a tour/floor walk to learn how AGCS put into practice the WOW principles. After that, they met and had lunch with the trainees of Allianz Germany who later organized several highly interesting lectures on Cloud Strategy and IT Security, respectively. On top of that, they also arranged a tour for the visitors through the campus of Unterföhring. Finally, the visitors enjoyed the evening at the beer garden with beer, Bavarian delights and had a wonderful city tour.

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