“How was it, dear colleagues?” 

… is what we asked the ones who attended Michael’s NDBX Training in Bangkok and here is what came back
It has already been a month after our UX/UI Design Manager Michael Radermacher visited our Bangkok office. His intensive training sessions weren’t only designed to make our BKK Design team certified NDBX experts, but also brought the team collaboration to the next level! Let’s dive into what the team thinks about their fruitful sessions with Michael and how has things improved since his visit.
When Michael decided to come, the team was thrilled to hear the news. The designers were excited to learn more about GDF direction and its core design. “Before the training, I expected to enhance my skills and capabilities in NDBX reviewing. As we are working for two specific target groups with different requirements, we need to make sure that we are using and reusing the components correctly and efficiently” says Pimteera, our talented young designer based in BKK.
Besides Michael’s mission to sharpen the team’s NDBX skills and knowledge, his training also gave our designers the opportunities see things from a different perspective. Michael spent every morning having 1-1 deep dive sessions with every team member, looking at their design projects and discussing challenges they were facing. 
“The strategic overview is quite interesting to me. Sessions with Michael helped me to see things from the business perspective, understand the current situation and know future plans.  All of these gives me a clearer  work direction and makes me feel connected” says Ann, a member of the BKK UX/UI team.
The training events also allowed the team a chance to exchange ideas, talk more about each other concerns, and then find a solution together. Many expect to see more exchange programs in the future and want to be part of it. “During the pandemic, we found an effective way to collaborate online, but it would be great to meet each other on-site and learn about one another's culture and way of work” Ann added

After months of remote working, it was lovely to finally see all the familiar faces in person. The team had a small brunch and spent great time together at the end of training. We can all agree that working on-site definitely helps strengthen teamwork and keep everyone motivated!

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