Looking back at the Global UX communities of Practice annual event!

We recently had our first annual UX Communities of Practive event. How was it?

On 2nd and 3rd of December this year our excellent Communities of Practice team organized the very first User experience (UX) Communities of Practice (CoP) Annual Event. How was it, what happened, you ask? Whether you want to relive the event or you could not attend, we have you covered.
Across the 2 days we had an excellent lineup of speakers from Allianz SE, Delliote Digital, hmmh multimedia AG, SinnerSchrader AG, Allianz Business Transformation, Futurice, R/GA, LV – Liverpool Victoria, Publicis Sapient, Snook UK and Allianz Consulting.

How did the days look like? Let's take you through each of the days and give you a glimpse into what kind of sessions took place.

Event Highlights

Due to the Covid restrictions, the annual Communities of Practice event took place virtually for all our Allianz Communities of Practice members. The event was across two days and 14 sessions. The event itself was divided into a ‘’gathering’’ main room and three panels where participants could join whichever event they were most interested in.

The day 1 of the CoP event was started off by a short welcome by Helen Williams and Patricia Segovia. The first session kicked-off with a keynote talk about understanding the customer satisfaction as a means of exchange. This interesting talk was followed up by an engaging case study about how Decathlon is managing its cross-functional features in panel 1. At the same time, we had another talk that shared the challenges and learnings from creating knowledge platforms and machine learning at Futurice. The final talks on day 1 were focused on realizing the importance of Agile at Scale and experience enabler scorecards through collaborating with Martin Gassner (Special Thanks!). 

With these talks, Helen closed down the day 1 for us with short closing remarks and we move on to the day 2!


Helen started us off on day 2 with check-in and welcome remarks. The first keynote of the day was about understanding the experience of brands in a world which is ever changing and evolving. Followed by our keynote, we had all three panels active for the next sessions. We had talks, interactive presentations and hands on workshops. The topics for these talks ranged from hands on workshop about designing ideas and processes for millennials, how to create engagement around your initiatives for stakeholders, and best practices to improve your ideation. The final session for the second day and also for the event was about reflections on shared learnings which fit beautifully with the theme of the event itself.

For day 2 we were joined by R/GA, Allianz Consulting, Publicis Sapient UK, Snook UK, LV - Liverpool Victoria and Allianz Technology.

Looking forward!

The talks during the event were incredible, it was great to have to such great speakers and such interactive audience and for that we thank everyone. 
Our feedbacks tells us that you enjoyed the talks as much as we did!
While the event itself might be over, the spirit of the event will live on through the CoP itself. With that, we hope for another CoP event in the next year and we also hope to see everyone there.
To know more about the CoP event and stay updated about more GDF events, stay connected on LinkedIn!