FNOL Motor Claims Journey

With more than 9 million damages per year only in Germany the car insurance is the most harmful business unit in the field of property insurance. For us, this means a lot of touchpoints with our customers where we can either succeed or loose.

As we, at Allianz, are always striving for success we created a tool which guides our customers through the claim notification process, avoiding irrelevant questions and allowing the claim to be handled quickly and precisely by validating user’s entries in real-time.


Check out one of our most famous car insurance advertises - 35 years ago and today. Some things never change...

Purpose of the Motor Claims Journey

From local needs to global solutions. The Motor Claims Customer Journey began in the summer of 2016 at the shipping containers of the newly born Global Digital Factory in Munich, Germany. Since then, the cargo containers are long-gone, but what remains are the dynamic digital solutions created by the motor claims team to  smoothen and simplify the motor insurance customer experience.

From ideation to creation. After two years of UX Research, UX Design, Development and Testing we co-created with several OEs worldwide a website for motor claims notifications - based on a responsive web application to provide a more interactive way of gathering information from claimants.

From business-centric to customer-centric. The FNOL (First Notification Of Loss) microsite collects data from Allianz customers, as well as third parties, who claim against Allianz customers. The solution confirms coverage and steers customers towards partner repair shops. As part of the settlement section it can, if required, also be linked to 3rd party digital claims assessment solutions to trigger digital assessment (e.g. Austrian GoTime Driver App, allowing damage assessment through photos taken from the user's phone).

From single-use to re-use. As we always strive for global solutions, it is not a coincidence that we are called the Global Digital Factory. Our purpose is to build tools which can be re-used by several OEs worldwide and therefore the Motor Claims Journey is a perfect example how Digital Assets can be scaled globally within one company. 


Evolution of our Motor Claims Journey

When we designed the FNOL Motor Claims Solution we maintained our principles, such as User Experience first by re-using all the existing data and capturing only minimal essentials to deal with the case. Furthermore, we built a tool which is accessible for own damage and third party liability claims, allowing our customers to receive notifications from us, third parties or repair shops.

Almost exactly two years after the release of our Motor Claims Solution we, at the Global Digital Factory, can proudly say that we achieved our goals by building a simple, customer-centric web application which has been re-used by several OEs worldwide. Apart from this, our tool is part of our Building Blocks Approach and will again be applied in the future.  


The Result: One Solution for several OEs worldwide