Motor Claims Customer Journey: From Local Needs to 
Global Solutions

The Global Digital Factory solutions have moved from cargo containers in Munich to customers’ pockets in multiple countries. Learnings from local markets have evolved into a global motor claims product that Allianz entities worldwide can implement quickly and effortlessly    

What a world we live in. It’s almost impossible to get lost in a new city thanks to GPS. In only a couple of clicks, you can order groceries, movie tickets, vacations, and more through the never-ending stream of new applications. Everything is possible with only a few taps of our fingers, including filing a motor claim. Let’s take a minute to really appreciate this. On the unfortunate day of a car accident, all you need to do is pull out this little piece of metal and glass from your pocket, push a few buttons, take a few pictures, and your claim would be filed. So easy! And that’s just one part of the improved Motor Claims Customer Journey.

The Motor Claims Customer Journey began in the summer of 2016 at the shipping containers of the newly born Global Digital Factory in Munich, Germany. Since then, the cargo containers are long-gone, but what remains are the dynamic digital solutions created by the motor claims team to  smoothen and simplify the motor insurance customer experience.

Traditionally, after buying a car insurance policy, customers would receive a thick pile of papers explaining the coverage in legal terms. What exactly was covered and how exactly the insurance works were not always as clear for the customers as they were for the insurers.

We, at the Global Digital Factory and operating entities, wanted to fix this: Now, when buying an Allianz motor insurance, customers will receive an e-mail with a link to a highly personalized video explaining their coverage. The video also includes a link to download an Allianz mobile app. 

See an example of the personalized onboarding video 
This solution was developed together with Allianz Austria and was awarded the DiALOG Award 2018 as part of the DiALOG trade forum in Düsseldorf in April 2018. The digital onboarding package won the prize for "Excellence with Enterprise Information Management".
The Motor Claims Customer Journey makes notifying claims fast and simple as well. Allianz customers now have easy access to their individual coverage details, their Allianz agent – and, in the case of an emergency, immediate help that’s only one SOS button click away. A digital claims notification solution allows customers to quickly notify claims with a few clicks online. By spring 2018 , the claims solution has been rolled out for retail customers in Austria, Thailand and Turkey, for fleets and retail in the UK and for general aviation in Germany    
Digital claims solution
Preview- Digital Claims Solution 

For us at the Global Digital Factory, this is just the start. We strongly believe in continuous improvement and user-centric development. Together with Allianz companies, we are constantly consolidating learnings from local markets and developing a global Motor Claims product to enhance the Allianz customer experience all around the globe.


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