FNOL Home is live in Switzerland!

Offering a smooth digital customer experience to Allianz suisse customers
The claims process is a customer experience that many Allianz customers will go through someday as a policy holder, be it because the bathroom is flooded, a storm damaged the roof or something got stolen. The global product of the FNOL Home Journey is a digital solution developed by the Global Digital Factory. Through a succesfull collaboration, the Global Digital Factory's Rollout team and our Allianz Suisse colleagues implemented the customer journey in November 2019 making the claim process easier, less time-consuming and more efficient for Suisse customers.
This first implementation of FNOL Home best showcases how the reuse of frontend/UI components and the clear communication between the development teams can make a huge difference in project timelines and budget.

Let’s see what the journey is about: 

What is FNOL Home Claims?

The vision of the FNOL Home Claims Journey is to offer a smooth digital customer experience in case of a claim. It adds value to customers’ daily lives by reducing the time invested and limiting the need for disclosing unnecessary personal details. Therefore, this journey replaces the process of filling form after form by a quick and simple digital step-by-step journey which guarantees the claim is being processed. 

Functionalities customised to suisse needs!

The functionalities of this journey are many, including: 

  •  An automatic and immediate confirmation of claim notification at the end of the claim process is being generated.
  • End customers can flag their preferred settlement option to suit their needs.
  •  End customers are only asked to disclose the most important personal details necessary in an easy, simple and interactive way.
  • End customers are able to upload important documents for the claim analysis (photos, reports etc.)
  • The customer journey is available 24/7 for claim notification without facing restrictions.
  • Customers can choose preferred language, e.g. in Switzerland, customers can choose between 3 languages (German, Italian, French).


Implementation journey within Switzerland

The  journey was implemented in Switzerland in November 2019 to replace the obsolete and complex claims form with an easy online solution. The application leads the customer via a simple e.g. 10-step journey through the claim notification process.  

While the GDF Team was responsible for the frontend implementation were the Suisse colleagues responsible for the bff (backend for frontend) & adapter implementation. To assure that the journey is completely suitable for the clients in Switzerland, the team adapted parts of the global product to their needs. 

One of the biggest differences and advantages of the Suisse version of the  FNOL Home journey is that customers do not need to remember their policy number: they may move on in the process without entering it, which allows for 100% claim notification in the first place.

Only in case the search does not return any results and the client cannot be found within the Allianz Business System (ABS) with the information provided (first name, last name and birthdate), a claims clerk will process the claim manually and contact the customer for further identification information.


We are looking forward to more implementations of this customer journey to further improve the digital experience of our Allianz customers worldwide. 
To check out the customer journey live, see this link.

Again, thank you to the whole team for successfully pulling this off together,  as one team. 

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