Allianz Digital Asset Library: Our global hub for sharing and reusing digital in-house solutions 

Copy with pride - The Global Digital Factory developed a one-of-a-kind platform for sharing digital assets from around Allianz Group.

Typically, copying someone else’s work is not a practice most of us engage in. Our own morals and potentially unfavorable consequences tend to keep us from doing it. It is surprising then when someone actually encourages you to copy. This becomes even more intriguing when it is your own employer who provides you with the tool to do it.

With digitization initiatives happening around the Allianz world, there is a high chance of an operating entity spending time and effort on developing a digital asset that has already been built. And how should they know that something similar may already exist within Allianz? And even more: that they can just copy existing assets?

Digital Asset Library Introduction Video
To solve this problem and bring transparency to the digital assets within Allianz, the GDF developed the Digital Asset Library in cooperation with Allianz Technology. The library is a global and easy-to-use platform that centralizes a wide array of digital assets that can be reused by everyone within the Allianz Group. Assets range from apps, chatbots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to analytics solutions and interaction layer tools.

Technically, the platform is an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly website developed in an agile modus. Starting with a minimum viable product, the Digital Asset Library evolved throughout the past two years to become the central sharing tool for all of Allianz built by Allianz. Ultimately, finding assets which are ready for re-use helps us to work more efficiently in the digital realm by saving time, money and effort.
Digital Asset Library Overview
An Extract from the #AllianzGDF's Digital Asset Library showing some of the included Asset Centers

Digital Asset Library Product Owner Eva-Maria Ackermann of the GDF notes that building the platform and tailoring it to user requests was possible due to the close cooperation between her GDF team and that of Allianz Technology. “We wanted the users to also help drive how the tool would function since they are our content contributors,” said Eva. “To meet these requests, we needed to be flexible, and our colleagues in Thailand were able to deliver what was needed in a timely fashion. The work together was a very positive experience and we look forward to continue the relationship as we further tweak and customize the library for our users going forward.”

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