Motor Onboarding Journey:

Global right from the start

Success stories from Austria and Thailand, and how we did it 

At the #AllianzGDF, we build global products. We scale digital assets up globally where we can support Allianz entities to create a flexible, customizable journey that delivers a supreme user experience. 

Last year, we developed a global Motor Fast Quote together with  Allianz Austria and Thailand. As you can imagine, Austria and Thailand differ hugely in cultures and user behaviour. Setting up Motor Fast Quote as a global product with two OEs in parallel has been very exciting for the team!

Let us first look at our recent results of the solutions implemented in Austria and Thailand:  


The Austrian ‘Fast Quote and Buy’ was launched last year in November including a custom agent allocation. 


In Thailand, we launched ‘Fast Quote with connection to Tele-sales agent call-center’ in October 2018.

Getting a quote is a crucial point in the motor onboarding customer experience. The solutions undertaken by Austria and Thailand make this process easy, quick, and personalized. The format is a responsive website that requires minimal data entry, but provides a fast quote, explanations, product suggestions, and a simplified checkout procedure.

Akin to a fast lane to getting one’s car insurance, this is how we want our customers to feel. Hassle-free and highly usable at the customer’s front, it helps our entities to achieve their objectives in improving conversion.

Both use-cases also evidently demonstrated the flexibility of a global product. During the development phase, we gathered interesting insights on these two markets. For example, 2019 in Europe is year 2562 in Thailand. Also, Thai users often prefer voice communication before the buy process. These differences matter – this is why it is essential to have a global product that can be adopted and tailored to each individual market. In the case with Thailand, the team took care to connect a tele-sales agent after each quotation for the Thai users.

Our global product allows both Allianz companies to use the same codebase and yet, still able to integrate custom specifics that are required locally. It allows plenty of flexibility through comprehensive and powerful configuration to adapt to different requirements without intensive programming efforts. The order of pages and elements within a page can be changed easily, additional questions, or features, can be added or skipped.

This high level of reusability makes adapting the journey to local needs easy and efficient.


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