NDBX Deepdive

One System – Two Expressions

It's been a long time since we last talked about the Allianz New Digital Brand Experience, wouldn't you agree? A quick reminder: Today a brand is not just a logo and a slogan, it is the holistic sum of customers’ experiences, composed of visual, tonal and behavioral brand components, shaped by user-focused design. Our Angular NDBX library provides OEs with ready to use design elements in high quality, which they can easily implement when developing. Of course, you are welcome to take a look at it again to remember: NDBX an introduction to our design language.

Today it is time to deep dive into NDBX and its facets. Did you know, that there are two different NDBX Design libraries? Both libraries are sympathetic, inviting and intuitively designed. And both libraries offer flexible, consistent and reusable components. We explain why there are two of them and how the libraries can be reached.

Allianz Digital Marketplace

Everyone knows these classic marketplaces as they were once used by the ancient Romans and as you can still find them in many historical cities today. No matter what you needed, you have found it there.

The Digital Marketplace is a central Allianz platform which provides all the information, assets, guidelines, resources and tools needed to drive Allianz digital marketing forward. Among trainings, use cases and tools, it also includes an NDBX Deep Dive. There you can find an introduction into NDBX, an overview of the entire concept, examples how NDBX can be used, tools and components, as well as basic design principles. 

You might remember Sketch? A tool where digital solutions were designed by using NDBX design components. As the essential tool for every designer it is also part of the Marketplace with its two NDBX libraries:

  • NDBX Atomic Library (B2C oriented version) 
  • Allianz Expert Library (B2B and B2E oriented version) 

Why do we have different versions? 

Our mission is to develop digital solutions that are highly focused on specific target groups. Different target groups of course have different requirements. If an end-customer wants to calculate a policy online, the interface has to be designed differently from how an Allianz agent calculates an offer.

You can see Allianz Expert Library as extension of the NDBX Master Library and specifically focuses on business to business and business to employee products

Various target group specific aspects have to be considered. A product for internal use (right side) has to follow other regulations as a tool used by customers (left side).

For example, the work council is responsible for providing the employees an ergonomically designed workplace, which not only includes suitable hardware but also ergonomic software. In terms of using our design library, this means a sufficient font size as well as adequate color schemes. WCAG AA Standard is the benchmark for this.  In addition, usability conventions are tested according to Din 9241. The application should therefore be highly user friendly.

In comparison, for designing a tool for end customers not statutory regulations but marketing specific conditions such as an inviting color scheme or layout are relevant.

Comparison of both 

In addition to formal differences, the structure of the journey is also varied.

  • Retail journey starts with object details but experts starts with person details
  • Retail is more colorful and catchy with less information collected on one screen.
  • Expert focus on ease of use and has more details collected on one screen
  • Retails has a horizontal navigation for more guided flow 


Since we at GDF are constantly developing our products, it is our goal to further optimize and expand our design library in consistency and modularity, while continuing to respond to individual usage requirements.

This is why the next step will be to develop and document larger units such as consistent UX/UI patterns, Buidling Blocks and page templates. The characteristics for expert and retail target groups will be combined in a consolidated library.

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