Sketch: The Must-Have for every Designer

Read more about how we at the Global Digital Factory incorporate Sketch into the developing process
At the Global Digital Factory we are designing and developing digital Allianz solutions faster and easier to support the global Allianz customer model.  To be able to do so, our team members need to be provided with the right tools, 4 in total:
  • Sketch
  • inVision
  • Angular NDBX
  • Page Flow Engine (PFE) 
Today, we have a look at Sketch, used by our GDF UI/ UX Designer.

What is Sketch?

Sketch is the tool used after the first ideation phases have passed and first processes have been put to paper. The software allows for website and mobile app design, offering digital prototyping and collaboration options which make it a more comprehensive platform for designing digital solutions.

In what step of the solution development is Sketch used?

Pretty much, right at the start.
For designing the first prototype of a solution, our UI/ UX designers only need an existing concept, that has been put to paper by the project team. That’s it. Once the UX Designer has this concept available, he can work his magic with the utilization of a huge library full of Allianz design components. This collection of building blocks (image a whole collection of lego blocks waiting to be built into a huge castle or skyscraper), allow for consistency between various digital solutions which is based on the New Digital Brand Experience of Allianz (NDBX).
Once the Designer has added the NDBX Sketch library to his software, he can access the specific Allianz building blocks to make the global brand experience seem like one.

The benefits of the Sketch library 

Designers will no longer have to waste time making simple graphics. The Sketch Library works like an extension for Sketch which offers a variety of pre-made elements such as buttons, navigation bars, and headers that can be used without any coding involved. It can be easily implemented across different journey´s Sketch files for mobile, tablet, and desktop applications.
With the Sketch Library, even designers, that are just about to learn the Allianz brand experience, will be able to design their app or website quickly and without mistakes. They just need to pick the element they want within the library and then customize it, such as changing the words inside the button.
Design components of the Sketch Library are also provided in the Pattern Lab and Angular NDBX to ensure consistency across the whole process.

To sum it up, sketch allows our UX/UI designers to work faster, more efficient and more productive while always keeping the Allianz  digital brand experience seamless.

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