GDF UI Component library goes open source! 

A digital solution shaped by the Global Digital Factory for… YES: Everyone. You might remember our Angular NDBX UI component library. An asset we love to talk about and which we are continuously improving. Therefore we didn’t want to hide this latest NDBX update from you:

We are excited to announce, that we have open sourced a white label version of our UI Component library Angular NDBX!

No matter if Allianz Germany, Benelux or Asia, our NDBX library will help you provide a consistent appearance of the online presence and tools. Until now more than 400 development projects within the Allianz Group have been using our NDBX UI component library to create and implement engaging web applications with perfect brand consistency.

And because this is such a great thing, we want share as much as possible with you. The result is, now through the Open Insurance Platform (Aposin) the UI component library is publicly available under the name Aquila. That means that everybody can use a wide range of Allianz UI design components except of brand specifics like fonts, icons or colors.

Hopefully you are excited as we are! At the GDF it is all about accomplish an enthusiastic and engaged community to create immersive experiences. Today we are not only able to share within the Allianz ecosystem, but even extend this asset through the Open Insurance Platform. 

If you are a digital talent and like what you see, we are also happy to get in touch with you. 


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