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Meet Julian on his UX/UI Design and UX Research Journey at GDF

For me, a crucial part of finding happiness is exploring new countries and cultures from all over the world. However, I cannot deny that to the end of my trips I’m always looking forward to coming home, which I’m thankful for.

It has been almost the same feeling when re-joining GDF by end of 2020. During my internship at GDF last summer, I was not only able to learn many great things and got to know great colleagues from all over the world, I also got accepted for my master studies in International Information Systems at University Erlangen-Nuremberg. 

About Julian 




M.Sc. International Information Systems


Position within GDF:

Working Student Product Design & Optimization



UX/UI Design, UX Research, Digital Optimization, Global Wireframe Library


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But what has the one to do with the other? At the end it was my working experience at GDF which made me one hundred percent sure that I’m on the right path and confirmed me to put my efforts into a Master of Science in Information Systems.

My internship at GDF as starting point for my professional career 

Let’s travel back in time. When I started my GDF journey in April 2020, I was an intern with little to no experience in IT. Nevertheless, right from the start I got meaningful tasks like a Product Ownership or designing our Sketch Wireframe Library. You now might wonder yourself how such tasks can be fulfilled in an appropriate manner without having a practical background in these areas and I will answer that for you.  

Although I would consider myself having a solution-driven approach paired with an ability to go deep into the essence of complex problems, this would have never been possible without my supportive team. Taking into account that I started during the first lockdown I’m really happy that everything went this well. From day one I had the chance to meet all my colleagues in one-to-one coffee chats which was great. This combined with a culture where employees are given the time to absolve several trainings during working hours made up the perfect growing soil for myself. 

Now, almost a year later my days are filled with UX/UI and computer science stuff. I learned to make screen designs with Sketch, build prototypes with InVision, write programs in C, Python, Flask and JavaScript and how to conduct and analyze UX research. Besides these hard skills I could strengthen my soft skills as well. Presenting in front of more than 80 Allianz experts from all over the world? No problem - let’s do this! Considering where I left off, I have to admit that I’m really proud being where I am today.

It’s a bilateral relationship

Since I’m almost finished with my first semester at FAU I can only underline the things I just said. As of now, I already could benefit from my knowledge gained GDF. For example, when taking the course User Experience in a Business Context, most UX methods were not new to me, as they are applied by our great UX researchers at GDF as well. 

But this shouldn’t be a one-sided relationship. As I’m currently on a journey, where I’m exploring all different aspects of Information Systems, I hope that I can apply my knowledge from university very soon as well. 

Always make the best out of it

Now, you might ask yourself how it can be the case that I’m studying in Nuremberg and working at GDF in Munich. Well, this is one of the major advantages of the current situation. As the whole GDF is working from home at the moment in order to contribute to #flattenthecurve, it’s not a problem at all that my home-office is and will be located in Nuremberg. As I decided to work on my private laptop, the technical onboarding was done completely from Nuremberg.
So, what are you waiting for? Take your chance, no matter where you’re located, have a look at our current job offerings and join our awesome team!