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Gülsah's experience as a Working Student
The GDF is a multicultural hub for developers, analysts, UX/UI designers and other valuable digital experts. This environment full of knowledge, cutting-edge technology and drive to build engaging customer experiences, is the best fundament for students to learn about digitalization within Allianz.
Gülsah was one of the students, who was lucky to work at the GDF for the last year. She undertook various tasks in the Product Design & Optimization Team and supported the product owners of two internal digital products with development, communication and organization task.

About Gülsah:

Profession: M.Sc. Management and Technology

LinkedIn: Gülsah's Profile

Position in the GDF: Working Student Digital Transformation

Tasks: Product Ownership, Community Management, Digital Optimisation, UX Research


Let's hear what Gülsah has to say about her time at the GDF

I was working for Allianz RE before and was transferred to the Global Digital Factory back in March 2019. At the GDF,  I started as a Working Student within the Product Design & Optimization Team - so I have been with the GDF for exactly 1 full year. My tasks at the Global Digital Factory were quite varied while being mainly responsible for two internal digital products. Within those tasks I carried out little developments of the products, communicated updates and status to different OEs and set up meetings and calls.

While being busy with those tasks, I grasped the opportunity to have a little peak into another area of my interest: User Experience Research. I put the theoretical knowledge I had learned at university to the practice.

My colleagues, especialle Micha, showed me how to create a survey considering customer pain points and analyze the results with respective reporting methods. Those learning opportunities opened me some closed doors, giving me insights into tasks and topics not mentioned in my initial job advertisement. This shows that you as a working student are not limited to your initial role, but are able to follow your interests.

The opportunity given by the GDF to follow my interest and communicating with colleagues from over 35 OEs, broadened my horizon of the Allianz environment but also showed me the importance of the digital network within the age of digitalization. The support of each and every colleague that I met, offered me many opportunities to learn and grow professionally.
Additionally, while sitting in our small and cozy office in Munich, talking to different colleagues around the world, I realized how interlocked each and every OE is within Allianz- every OE is crucial to the success of the Allianz group. This level of collaboration and harmony of such a big corporation really amazed me.

Besides, I was given much responsibility through my supervisors, which allowed me to broaden my horizon and develop new skills. I always felt their confidence in me (thanks Dorothee, Daniela and Anian!), which really boosted my self-confidence as well. They gave me the chance to work on new ideas, present those to large groups of colleagues, and complete the tasks the way I initially planned them.

I felt honored that they placed so much trust in me, considering I am "only" a working student - this is definitely not an opportunity you get in every working student job.

4 Advantages of being a GDF Working Student 

  • Explore your personal areas of interest - You have an interest in a project? A job? Tell your supervisor and you sure will receive the chance to receive insights.
  •  You are not "only" a working student at Allianz - No, you take on responisibilities like every other colleague within your team, your work counts.
  • GDF is the hub for nationalities from around the world - experience a multicutlural, open and supportive culture, always open to help you.
  • Stressed and busy with Uni Work? - No problem. You are not the first one to juggle 5 exams within 2 weeks + work.