Now everybody can (start) UX Research!

Our approach to help navigating through UX Research tools and methods – the UX Research Method Finder

Everything is better with… UX Research!

There is no doubt: User insights enable brilliant user experience solutions, increase efficiency, and reduce development effort. But what UX research method applies in a specific case to deliver those insights?

At the GDF, we have UX Researchers onboard so those who don’t know can ask 😊 But what about those who do not have such colleagues at hand? A variety of tools and methods is available, each of them becoming more advanced. The one you choose needs to fit perfectly into the product development stage and to the product team’s requirements. 

That’s why we teamed up to develop the UX Research Method Finder.

And, drumrolls please, it is now available for you! In case you want to try out directly click here (Allianz employees only).

In case you want to learn more first, just read on! Why? Because everything is better with UX Research! 

What you get with the dummy UX Research Method Finder

It’s for you… yes! You! 

If you are a Product or Business Owner, someone in charge of project budgets, a UX/CX lead or a designer, you will want to understand your customers better. The Method Finder shows you the right direction, makes you more efficient: It provides an introduction into applicable UX research methods to be used throughout the whole design or development process. 
  •  As Allianz employee: Use the UX Research Method Finder to identify the right method for incorporating the user perspective efficiently, from Design to Development! 
  • Jump-start user-centricity in your Allianz project and use the method finder as a conversation starter!  

Check out how it works - it's so easy!

Understand, define, design, evaluate and refine – in which of these 5 phases is your project? Just choose your phase based on your needs and requirements and the UX Research Method Finder will guide you in which methods are applicable.

No matter what phase you are in, you get connected to multiple methods! 

Just click on the phase and the Method Finder will guide you. Not happy with what you choose? Not sure where you are?

Just browse back and forth among different phases thanks to the sticky navigation bar.

Once you select the right phase, all the methods applicable to your project status will be displayed. Each method that might be interesting is presented with its name along with the expected goal. You just need to choose the right goal based on your problem. Then... 

... the tool will show you what approach you need to adopt and whom you can contact in case you require more details. 

Not only that, it will also show you the target audience, estimated time frame and expected outcome such as quantitative reports, workshops etc. 

AND: very soon you will find there the budget section too! 

How we created the Method Finder

The method finder was created based on the global offerings of UX research at Allianz. All methods that can be found in the method finder, are methods that anyone can request and that can be realized on a global level. A first version of the method finder was created earlier this year; however, it wouldn’t be a UX research outcome without…evaluation!  😊

The method finder and all its content have therefore been evaluated and shared with the dummy Community of Practice of UX research, to all align and find possible improvements. 

Additionally, the method finder was presented in the UX designer's all-hands session. Groups in breakout rooms were presented with different scenarios/ personas to discuss and evaluate the method finder while finding a suitable method for their persona and situation. Insights were gathered and the method finder was enhanced based on the feedback received.

What's next?

The UX research Method Finder is still in an the early stage and has a long way to go. Our goal is now to share and spread the tool to all the potential stakeholders, or even requestors of UX research. Their positive and negative feedback will be considered in the next stage of the development to make the Method Finder tool more useful and user-friendly in the future.

The ultimate plan is to develop it as a truly user-centred Allianz product that will serve around the world in the upcoming years. 

Again: The UX research Method Finder is in an early stage and so far not yet fully accessible to all Allianz. We are and will continue working on it - please be patient with us and...