Working Student life at the GDF

Read this article and find out about Karen's time at the GDF
At the Allianz Global Digital Factory, we build engaging customer experiences to digitize and strengthen customer ties. And as a global player, we are always on the run searching for new talents, ambitious and excited about digitization.
Karen joined us as a working student and has been with the GDF for over one and a half year. She undertook tasks in Communications and was given an opportunity to pursue her interest in User Experience (UX) Research. We are pleased to share her view on how her journey at the GDF has been.

About Karen:

  • Profession: Master of Science – Consumer Science student 
  • Position in the GDF:  UX Researcher in the Product Design & Optimization Team, previously Communications specialist.
  • Tasks in the GDF: Support in UX research, analytics, communications

Have a look on what she has to say about her experience:

In Allianz, there is a slogan that goes, ‘Allianz is the home for those who dare’. I cannot agree more and find this even more true at the Global Digital Factory. 

I first started working at the GDF as a working student in the Communication team. Being passionate about digitalization and communications, my role as a communication specialist could not be any more perfect. I was able to interview Product Owners on their latest innovative projects in Allianz’s customer journeys and subsequently write articles on these interesting topics.

What I really like about the GDF is the work culture. The work culture here is one of a kind. The GDF is made up of amazing, international and competent team members and everyone is very open to listen to new ideas, supports each other and cheers the achievements reached together. The team also has a contagious sense of passion for what they do, which makes it easy to ask questions, be curious and learn a lot. It also made my communication work feel effortless. J
In my 1.5 years at the GDF, I was given so much freedom and ownership in the tasks I was responsible of. I was never treated like a working student – in fact, my supervisors took all my ideas seriously and it was evident from the opportunity to work on key strategic projects and initiatives.  

Karen's switch to UX Research

In my journey with the GDF, there was a point where I wanted to dive more into User Experience Research as part of my professional learning growth. My manager agreed without hesitation and a couple of weeks after, I was moved to the UX team, working on User Research project of Allianz Reinsurance. Such flexibility in a big corporation like Allianz is refreshing and it shows that my managers and colleagues strive to make a direct impact by giving me the possibility to grow professionally and personally.

Be it through projects or by embracing changes, everyone at the GDF has an intrinsic drive to deliver their best work which is such a joy to witness and be a part of. For that, I am incredibly thankful for the last 1.5 years at the GDF.


Here are some impressions of Karen’s days at the GDF:

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