The new POI Search has launched in Austria!

You are in a new city, hungry and have no idea where to go for food? You grab your phone, turn on your location services, open google maps and type in ‘restaurants’. Google will now provide you with a full list of restaurants and cafes near you.

This is what developers commonly call a Point of Interest (POI) search. In order to provide Allianz customers with relevant point of interests such as agencies or collaborating repair shops, our developers have created a solution that can easily be implemented in all our Operating Entities (OEs) around the world.

In Austria we have now launched this solution with a new design, enhanced functionalities and a flexible infrastructure, making the customer experience even better for you.


What makes this solution special?

The search application is a generic solution which provides the flexibility to be customized to different use-cases and target groups of Allianz. This reduces complexity, integration time and costs since no further development for the customization is required. Further, the redesigned frontend allows for a simple navigation from search to result, allowing for further refining of results through filters. The integration of google maps routing leads customers from their current location to their point of interest in one click – on a website and their smartphone.

Want to see how it works?

How was this solution developed?

Starting point was the first version of the POI search. Through user research, benchmarking and our design principles, we redesigned the application to better fit our customers’ needs.

The new design was then implemented with our developer team at Allianz Technology in Thailand. Through our remote and agile collaboration, we implemented and tested the new solution in two months.


Due to the flexible configuration of the application, our business units save implementation time and costs. Same holds true for maintenance and changes since we only need to touch the configuration file. Further, the features of the search can be chosen and combined as required by the business. Lastly, the new design allows for a fresh and clean look. This helps our users to navigate easily through the search to find their way to their point of interest.