eMerge 2019 in other's eyes

What do other's think about eMerge ?

On 3rd and 4th December 2019 it was time for our Allianz developer community to fill the GDF with words such as “Azure”, “Apigee”, “DevOps” and “XSE Tabloid”.

This year, eMerge has brought together 110 developers from 24 different Allianz locations and OEs to share their expertise with other experts within Allianz.

Now, that the conference is over, feedback is even more important to us as it helps us in planning next year’s conference. Only through feedback, we were able to cover the demand for direct support with certain applications. Therefore, we developed the session ‘Ask the Expert’ where our developers got the opportunity to seek direct feedback by an expert who developed an application. 

In order to improve next year’s event, we have decided to ask participants about their opinion of the conference.


“Yes, it is really amazing to see that the problems I face are also faced by other developers. It is good to discuss the problems, share opinions and compare proposed solutions in these conversations. “

“I really enjoyed the “Ask the expert” session on Day 1. The topics were on Cloud Tribe and ADP. To me, it was a good chance to directly connect with the development team of these 2 tools and have a dialogue without back-and-forth emails to understand the tools better. Especially, since we are planning to use these tools.”

 “I enjoyed all the sessions I attended. The topics and the ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions helped me to understand solutions, project timeline and milestones to better prepare myself and my team. Sometimes it is difficult to ask someone for concrete solutions, therefore, this conference is really helpful for me. “

"The session on using Apigee to create and publish APIs that developers love was also a session I enjoyed. Currently, I am working on projects that use Apigee. From this session, I was able to have a deeper understanding on Apigee and it helps me to find gateway solutions."

"I am mostly interested in Dev-ops and integration topics because I am a back-end developer. Front-end development such as Angular is not my expertise, but it was also interesting to hear about current trends in front-end. As for the back-end topics, I find the information very helpful. Cloud topics are exceptionally helpful." 

“The keynote speeches are great. I gained a lot of insights from Mascher’s keynote. It was a good introduction to know the goal of Allianz development in the future. He presented overall Allianz direction towards future development and it was nice to hear it all from his perspective.”

“I find the organization of the event to be worth mentioning. This is my 1st time to eMerge and I will return next year.”

“Modern, technology-driven, friendly communication.”

“Bringing people together.“

“Enlightening, practical, network.”

“Yes, as an architect, I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues.”

“Yes, because it helps me to network and learn about other areas of our Allianz business”

“Yes, because at eMerge, we get to meet developers who can give different perspective to the same problem. It helps us to rethink and  develop new ideas.”

“Yes, for sure, it brightens perspectives and I get to know more possibilities to make good decisions in my field of work.”