Improving Allianz's Mobile App landscape with the App Center

The tool to manage all Allianz Apps under one roof

Gaming Apps, budgeting Apps, photo Apps.. and of course: Insurance Apps. That can only mean one thing: Allianz is not far.

With the launch of the App Center in January 2018, Allianz had an astonishing 211 apps on the market, which over the last two years was successfully reduced by 37%.
A decreasing number of apps may seem negative in the first place, but the reduction of apps helped to simplify the mobile app landscape of Allianz for our end-users. The App Center was one tool that supported the process all along.

What is the Appcenter?

The Allianz App Center was developed by the Global Digital Factory and is a fully automated tool.  It aims to provide a better mobile experience to our customers as well as improve the internal management and analysis of Allianz Apps on a global scale.  It offers insights into the App status meaning that it shows what Apps need to be worked on and which ones have shown issues. 

Why did we need such a tool in the first place?

Before the App Center existed, mobile app experts (designers, developers, and app owners) had to evaluate and benchmark their app performance without direct comparison to other internal or external apps. There was not one general platform that was integrated within all Allianz OEs. Therefore, this evaluation process was time consuming and less efficient.  

The App Center reduces this hustle. Today, experts from over 35 OEs use the App Center to evaluate their apps´ status, find benchmark examples within or outside Allianz, and ensure the app’s compliance with Allianz standards via the guidelines provided.  

Additionally, the App Center automatically assigns a status to the app, either green, yellow or red. This status allocation is based on some pre-defined criteria to help app owners to evaluate the current state of the app and take relevant action.  

What criteria decide about the App Status?

The App Center bases its status allocation on 3 criteria: 

  • Correct localisation: Is the App published in relevant markets only?
  • Regular Updates: Has the app been updated within the last 6 months?
  • User Rating:  Has the App received at least a 3-star-rating?

If one of the above criteria is not met, the status will be affected accordingly.  


Together with the help of the mobile app experts, the app center team is continuously working on improving the usability and functionality of the center. Only through the expert’s collaboration, efforts and ideas was the team able to build this valuable tool.  

A very big thank you goes to all who are involved in our mission to improve Allianz’s mobile app landscape. 

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