Building digital Allianz solutions has never been simpler!

Designing and Developing Digital Allianz Solutions Faster and Easier: modular, flexible, tailor-made to our entities needs.
If you are planning to develop a digital solution, you know the challenges:  be as fast and cost efficient as possible;  be consistent in terms of branding and design; offer users and customers a simple, comprehensive way to interact; don't do the same work again and again, avoid redundancies. 
At the Global Digital Factory (GDF) we provide comprehensive assets, tools and libraries that help Allianz entities world-wide to turn concepts into real interactive experiences. As soon as research and ideation are done, this approach helps you to transfer the result into consistent user experiences, compliant brand design, called NDBX (New Digital Brand Experience) and functioning software. 
Watch in this video, what tools we use how to improve efficiency and ensure consistency across Allianz group when developing digital solutions from sketch to prototype:

With these tools, we have significantly simplified and accelerated the user experience, design and development process, ensuring everything is compliant with the Allianz standard, called NDBX. It also allows for projects to go from concept to functioning software in a very short amount of time!

Working in this way, we enable our entities to bring digital solutions faster to the market and avoid redundant work - from Concept to User Experience, Design, the Minimum Viable Product and to Prototypes. Building digital Allianz solutions has never been simpler!


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