Design Thinking

Awareness Sessions at the GDF

The push for Design Thinking has helped to generate new ideas across industries through a human-centered process. Read here to understand how this approach is used at the #AllianzGDF.

We draw on Design Thinking frameworks to jolt innovative ideas to enhance customers’ experience with Allianz. Behind the customer journeys and assets, the GDF team have had adequate opportunities to practise the Design Thinking methods on a daily basis.

Therefore, the GDF has been running Design Thinking Awareness Sessions to share the methodology, knowledge and experiences and in turn, support Allianz companies to change their approach to problem-solving. We believe collaboration and knowledge sharing are integral parts to stay ahead of the competition as a Group.

How does a Design Thinking Awareness Session look like?

Design Thinking methodology is introduced in 3 cycles (Understand, Ideate, Prototype). This mix of theory and hands-on practice gave Allianz teams invaluable tools to find innovative and creative solutions through an empathetic, customer-centered approach.

The session starts with an exercise where participants are shown a video with real recordings from interviews that the GDF did in several countries. The purpose of this exercise is to allow reflection on customers’ needs and facilitate the process of need-finding. Then, Allianz teams have a hand on reframing customers’ needs as ‘How Might We’ problem statement to turn challenges into opportunities for innovation.

Various tools such as ‘Yes and…’, ‘Crazy Eight’ and prototyping are practised in the 2-hours session. With the help of the “Crazy Eight” method, each team ideates eight spontaneous ideas for a customer solution and presents their ideas in a pitch at the end.

Through these awareness sessions, participants get to experience the "GDF’s way of working", based on design thinking principles. The GDF uses design-thinking methods in collaboration with the expertise of Allianz Operating Entities from around the world, to create innovative, proven solutions delivered to customers on a local level.

Interested in Design Thinking? Feel free to reach out to the GDF Design Thinking expert: KONSTANTIN RIEDEL. Follow us on LINKEDIN to stay up to date on all #AllianzGDF topics. 

Finally, some impressions of the Design Thinking Awareness Sessions conducted in the last few months by and with #AllianzGDF experts:

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