Take a look at how the GDF has changed over the past two years 
The GDF has come a long way since its beginning in cargo containers two years ago. As we have recently celebrated our second year anniversary, let's check out how the GDF has changed over time. Moving to a new office building by Ostbahnhof isn't just about having a fancy office to work in, but it is also about incorporating the spirit of change and innovation into the working environment. Our open office space invites employees to work and think outside the box, and to communicate more freely with one another. The design of our office allows us to be flexible in the way that we work and not feel constraint in how we approach challenges. 
GDF Park
Does this area look familiar? It is actually supposed to imitate the English Garden. Before the GDF was built, it was just a cargo container located right next to the English Garden. This open area gives employees a sense of the outdoor where they can have a change of scenery or take a small break to recharge. 
GDF Entrance

First impression is everything. By the entrance area you will notice right away the open office space that encourages everyone to communicate and work with one another. Even meetings are held in the open - by the stairway is the GDF arena where employees have their bi-weekly retro.
GDF - Container vs Werk3

Can you imagine that it all has started in containers then? Since 2016, we are now based in the factory district, right next to the east station in Munich. 

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