PassionPass launched in Germany

Made for all those who have passion in skiing and snowboarding, are spontaneous and love experiencing life – this innovative insurance offering opens doors to a whole new audience
We are proud to announce that the first “Passion Pass” pilot has been launched by Allianz Germany. Global Digital Factory and Allianz Germany have co-created  PassionPass to help Allianz Group connect with new audiences through our differentiating brand proposition – "Allianz is your companion for exploring life." Check it out at

Why such a solution?

This solution was built to appeal and provide essential cover for active people who do not want to think about insurance. These are people who participate in activities (we call them Passions), without protection because they do not like dealing with insurance companies and do not like the process of arranging insurance.

What makes PassionPass unique?

It creates value for users by providing them with in-the-moment, tailor-made coverage, seamlessly with the minimum fuss and formality.

For this pilot launch, it is right on time for the snow sports season and several marketing activities, online and offline, are planned in order to get knowledge in claims and profitability. 

As PassionPass is available in all European countries, all those living in Germany are invited to try it for their passion experience abroad. It provides short-term cover for skiing and snowboarding for 4,90 € per day and contains liability, health, rescue, assistance and property cover, underwriting by Allianz Partners.

Building scalable, reusable digital assets is at the core of the GDF’s work and to see this happening in practice is great! 

Stay tuned for more updates, new passion activities e.g. for Spring 2019 and further countries to follow! 


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