3 customer-centric, digital solutions #MadeInGDF 

Intuitive, digital products that put the customer first, resulting from collaboration and co-creation at the Allianz Global Digital Factory

Gregor Wills, spokesperson digital topics at Allianz SE, highlights 10 customer-centric, digital solutions from around the Allianz Group. Solutions that make our customers’ lives easier, utilizing technologies like AI, blockchain, voice assistants, video calling, and chatbots to meet the changing needs and demands of customers in a digital age of instant service, pay-per-use, and the sharing economy.

We are proud to feature three of these highlights, which were co-created here with us at the #AllianzGDF. Read on to find out about solutions that might actually make you love insurance! 

Pay-per-use insurance for your passions 

Customers and non-customers in Germany can book the PassionPass. It’s a mobile-accessible, pay-per-use insurance for skiers and snowboarders who pursue their passion throughout Europe. The product consists of travel-related covers, such as trip curtailment, assistance, travel health insurance, and luggage insurance. For only €4.90 per day, customers can enjoy their time in the snow, rather than worrying! Not a fan of the snow? No problem! If people love this product as much as we think they will, we’ll be adding more ‘passions’ in the future. Read more about the PassionPass launch in Germany on the our Blog.

A chatbot for your insurance needs

Allianz Taiwan's chatbot—named ‘Allie’, of course!—serves online customers by using smart technology to identify policyholders, respond to questions and requests, make timely policy changes, and allow cross-platform operations, thereby ensuring the Allianz customer experience is simple, seamless, and efficient!

On-demand insurance for your multimodal mobility

Customers and non-customers in Italy can travel in comfort with MyMobility. It’s a multimodal mobility solution for the age of sharing mobility, on-demand, personalization, and digital. Whether on a shared scooter, bike, or car, customers can choose to cover for medical, accident, legal, and assistance, as well as theft of belongings like smartphones and luggage. MyMobility is modular, starts at €0.20, and can be purchased for 1, 3, or 7 days. Read more about the MyMobility launch in Italy on our blog.

Curious about the other seven? Follow the link to continue reading about 10 customer-centric, digital highlights at Allianz.
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