A new approach to Health Claims in Russia

How we make our operating entities’ life’s easier at #AllianzGDF


Did you know that most calls call center receive are about getting preapproval for treatments, booking a doctor appointment and asking for the coverage information? Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to have all of this online, and instantly? Allianz now is the first insurance company in Russia with online appointment and clinic upgrade services for the customers. 

What is new with the Ecosystem?

The GDF’s new and fully digital Health Claims Journey offers services such as letting customers view their own and their children’s policy coverage, track their medical events, and find the closest clinics to their locations. 


Customers now can get preapproval for their prescriptions digitally:

One of the biggest pain points for customers in Russia was needing to call and obtain pre-approval before getting treatment in the clinics. With the new ecosystem, they can simply apply for preapproval online through their health portal by answering just two questions about their diagnosis and treatment.


Get doctor’s appointment instantly online:

Gone are the days of waiting on the phone to get an appointment with the doctor. Ecosystem is the first product in Allianz where customers can book a doctor’s appointment online by themselves, anytime and anywhere they want without waiting. Furthermore, customers have the freedom to choose their own clinic, doctor, and the time and data that best suit them. When they have no preferred doctor, the system will automatically show the doctor with the closest availability.

For clinics that are not integrated into the appointment system, customers can fill out a digital request form also within the ecosystem and Allianz informs them with the appointment details to ensure that the whole process is fast and convenient.


Customers have the option to add clinics to their policies:

Imagine that you would like to see a specific doctor, but the clinic where this doctor works is not covered by your insurance policy. With the digital health portal, customers can use the Point of Interest search to find a clinic and then add it to their policy after choosing the co-payment rate. Yes, it is that simple.


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