Working Student Experience at the Global Digital Factory

Meet Matthew Oviedo as he tells us more about his experience

Meet Matthew Oviedo, the working student managing the content spaces for the Global DIgital Factory!

Hi, my name is Matthew Oviedo. I have a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Communications with minor in Business and Marketing. I also have a Master's of Arts degree in Media and Communication Management. When I am not working, I enjoy being in the outdoors. I like to Hike, Snowboard, Wake board, and dirt and mountain bike depending on the time of the year and season. I am also a communications enthusiast and I enjoy using forms of communication and connect with specific audiences . 
As a working student with the Global Digital Factory, I worked specifically in communications. I managed our internal and external communication platforms such as the GDF blog (page link) and the LinkedIn page (page link). This means that I work on creating compelling posts for our audience to engage them and inform them about our upcoming projects and events. To do this, I also worked on understanding our audience and what they like as well.  
How was your time at the GDF? Who did you work with and how did your day look like as a working student?
My time at the GDF was very enjoyable. I had a very welcoming and awesome team that was always there to help me complete my task.  The culture at the GDF was great as well, professional yet very inviting and warm.
I worked with almost everyone on our team, from UI/UX designers to Project Managers and Analytics Experts to create compelling and informative posts and blog articles for the GDF audience to read and engage with.
A typical day would start with overseeing social media and the content calendar. Identifying best ideas for upcoming posts and executing upcoming tentative plan according to the calendar considering the goals of the campaign and factors such as tone of the content and best times for posting it.  
The next part is contacting designers, experts and management for content creation, review and approval. Once a post/blog is approved, it needs to be scheduled and eventually published. In the meanwhile, I also ensure an active engagement with followers on LinkedIn in comments and mentions. The weeks ends typically with studying the analytics to understand the shift in engagement and audience, and to assess what goes well and what needs to be improved upon.  
analyzing content.
What was the best part of your time here at the GDF and what was the greatest challenge for you?
The part that I really liked the most was creating a plan for a specific campaign from start to finish. It is almost like writing a story with a start, the exploration of potential content in the middle and the conclusive end.
The most difficult aspect of working with content was having to hassle people to collect content from them. Although, it is inevitable and a part of how information needs to be collected. At the same time, it also needs to be understood that everyone is very busy and sometimes just needs a reminder. 
going out to drinks
Would you like to share any of your favourite memories from your time here at the GDF?
I really enjoyed collaborating with my manager Florian Franz. Understanding his point of view towards content creating and brainstorming the best ways to achieve that. Creating strategies around the overall company message and communication style was the most invigorating.
There also was the meetings with the team for beers every once in a while. In the time of home offices, it was enjoyable, much needed and appreciated.
What about working digitally?
For me working from the comfort of my home office was very comfortable and enjoyable. It did not affect my working experience in any significant way. Even though we were working from our own places, I was still able to easily connect with my team online at anytime.