It's all about connecting with the customers

... and in Australia, the Land Down Under, we do this for Motor Claims now with a highly personalized onboarding video that is the result of a collaboration between Allianz Australia and the GDF.
Our mission at the GDF is to deliver great customer experiences. We recognize that customers appreciate a personal touch, especially when it comes to the first touchpoint from the company. To answer these needs, to welcome new Motor customers adequately, the colleague from Down Under and a team from the GDF collaborated on developing a highly personalized onboarding video, which we would like to introduce shortly.
In case you want to have a look before and build your own opinion, click here
 In an animated format, the video gives our customers an overview of their individual coverage details including:
Name of the Customer
Customer’s name
Customer's plate
Vehicle make/model, Number plate
Coverage and Details
Coverages and purchased policy options

A joint team from the GDF and Allianz Australia worked intensively to determine the video content with repeated iterations through stakeholder workshops, business/user feedback & compliance reviews.

The final result from the collaboration enables Allianz Australia to connect with their customers by focusing on the following:

  • Welcome a new customer to the company
  • Provide a short audio-visual summary of the key aspects of cover specific to them (while deferring to the Product Disclosure Statement to appropriately define terms, conditions, limits and exclusions)
  • Instill a sense of confidence in their purchase decision and that we will be there when they need us
Curious to see the result? Click here to watch an example of our personalized onboarding video!

We at the #AllianzGDF are proud to have assisted our colleagues from the Land Down Under with providing another digital solution and we are looking forward to customer feedback from Australia! Congratulations to the team, it has been a great pleasure working together to make this happen! 


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