Three new “Passions” launched 

The wait is over! You can be protected with PassionPass in biking, biking and water sports activities this summer.

After completion of the first "PassionPass - Ski and Snowboard" pilot launched late last year, the project started with three new Passions as the second pilot for the 2019 summer season. 

This time, customers can protect themselves against the most common risks involved in biking, hiking and water sports activities throughout Europe. Comprehensive insurance coverage and on-demand flexibility to protect active people against the most common risks in their favourite sports - that is the promise of PassionPass since its launch. 

We at the Global Digital Factory are proud to continue innovating on this unique product together with Allianz Deutschland and Alllianz Partners since PassionPass’s first pilot.

The first pilot phase with its innovative offering of temporary coverage for special risks ran during the winter season of 2018/19. Users were able to protect themselves against risks in winter sports with the PassionPass ski and snowboard in cases if the athlete was injured or his/her ski or snowboard was stolen.

The winter pilot has proved to be positive. "The product concept with short-term and daily protection without notice periods has been very well received, especially by the target group of 20- to 40-year-olds," says Nathalie Vogt, project manager of PassionPass from Allianz Deutschland. 

Here you can see how easy it is to book PassionPass on the website: 
Choose your passion
Confirm your Passion
Only 3 steps from now to your PassionPass
Enter your activity data
Confirm the insured dates
Enter your personal details

"With the PassionPass, we have piloted a digital, simple product with comprehensive protection that has not yet existed in this form on the market," says Bernd Heinemann, Member of the Board of Management. "We get the first idea how PassionPass can work - for example, in terms of willingness to pay, claims and customer satisfaction - and to test which marketing channels work best for this product."

All those who want to secure their bike tour, mountain hike, canoe tour, surfing or diving holiday in the summer can book the appropriate protection at short notice via the PassionPass BIKE, MOUNTAIN or WATER. It does not matter whether an accident involves medical visits and hospital stays abroad or a return medical repatriation is necessary. PassionPass also covers cases where the journeys must be stopped early or in frustrating situations where the sports equipment and luggage are stolen. PassionPass has round-the-clock support at the users‘ side throughout Europe. What is new is that children and adolescents can also be covered by the PassionPass. In this case, the booking must be done by an adult of legal standing. This option is one of the adaptations from the first pilot phase, after receiving numerous customer inquiries relating to the insurance of children. This is now possible with the Summer Passions. All information about the PassionPass can be found at  

Stay tuned for more and check out PassionPass's Facebook and Instagram pages! 

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