NDBX 2.0 Sketch Library

An insight into the all new NDBX 2.0 Sketch Library


We can all agree that today a brand is not just a logo and slogan, here at Allianz we believe it’s the holistic sum of customers’ experiences, composed of visual, tonal, and behavioral brand components, shaped by user-focused design. Which brings us to the creation of NDBX, the Allianz design language, created to provide UX and UI designers worldwide with consistent UI components, patterns, templates and “ready to go” Angular components empowering OEs to build designs at scale with high efficiency and consistency. The NDBX Library has evolved over time, from consisting of two libraries (one for B2B/ B2E target groups and another for customer facing components), as well as formerly having an atomic design approach to now having a hierarchy design approach to better fit our “one system fits all” implementation. Take a look back at NDBX an introduction to our design language blog post for a refresher.  


Now introducing NDBX 2.0 Sketch Library!

“NDBX 2.0 Sketch Library” is the most current version of the Sketch Library provided to UX/UI Designers to create best in class digital Allianz solutions that are compliant with our NDBX Brand Design. Prior we had two different NDBX Design libraries, (explained in our NDBX Deepdive), which we now transformed to one library.  The merger of the formerly separated libraries for retail and expert expressions now following the idea “one system fits all” we now have only ONE library that serves both worlds. One overall library eliminates inconsistencies as everything is built on the same structure. UI components and their symbols are now based on design tokens which lay on the first level of the hierarchy.


NDBX Sketch library 2.0, allianz image
Design tokens are semantically named variables, that represent the core brand elements such as color and font formats. This approach creates more consistency, high-quality, and flexibility throughout the design process. 

An Inside Look 

Overall benefits of NDBX 2.0 Sketch Library 

New features provided to create consistency and high-quality design elements for OE’s. 

In summary, the new consolidated library, and its features will improve consistency, efficiency, and quality.

Designed to save time, reduce mistakes, and ensure that Allianz digital solutions all around the world are compliant with NDBX design, usability, and accessibility standards.

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