Is it a fruit or is it a vegetable? 

Confusing headline, right? Yes, we agree! On the GDF blog we are usually talking about business related topics, so what has this question to do with? We will clarify: In the end of December some GDF colleagues celebrated a virtual event, a Project Team Quiz Night and this was just one of the funny questions.


Clariza is a member of the GDF Digital Asset Rollout team and assigned to the ITMP Asia Rollout Project together with two scrum teams from Bangkok. In her former Position at Allianz PNB Life (Philippines) Clariza and her team sometimes celebrated a Quiz Night event. Back then when she was still working with Allianz PNB Life (Philippines), the company holds these events to celebrate milestones and improve camaraderie across teams. It was before Corona and therefore face to face. 

Check out here what the Digital Asset Rollout Team is responsible for

Last December the project team successfully launched the Motor Quote & Buy and Smart SME Journeys in Singapore as first implementation. To celebrate this milestone Clariza thought, why don’t have a fun digital event and so brought the Quiz Night from Philippines to the Bangkok and Munich colleagues. 


Question - Answer - Win 

5 teams with about 3 to 4 people answered about 50 to 60 questions in 6 different rounds. An overall Quiz Master moderated the event. 

The purpose was of course not to win the game in any case. Rather, it was about pausing from work, celebrating the team’s achievements while having fun together.

The challenge of digital collaboration, especially in an international context, is the fact that work is sometimes too serious. Communication is 100 percent work-related most of the time and the personal touch sometimes gets lost. The Quiz Night helped to get to know each other from a more personal side and it is a good way to sometimes remember that it is important to take a breath and celebrate accomplishments. 

What participants say

Although the remote Quiz Night was a logistical challenge, especially due to the different time zones of the participants, there was consistently positive feedback.  
“On December 9th after quite some time I did something I never did before: A virtual quiz night with colleagues from another continent. Although I really was used to the remote setup after nearly nine months of home office the beginning of the “night” was quite surprising. Due to the time difference to Bangkok it started already 10:30 AM CET!
However, thanks to Anette we were equipped with snacks and energy drinks and after a few introductory words from our quiz master we kicked it off. 
Two questions have stayed in my mind until today: 

Fruit or vegetable? Fun fact: I didn’t know but realized it during this quiz round. 

And does a tiger’s skin has stripes like the fur? I thought this question would be predestined for the Thai colleagues and asked them to answer. But obviously there are as many tigers in Bangkok as in Munich and we failed. Indeed, it has stripes.

All in all, it was a very successful and funny event.

I am already looking forward for the next round.”

- David Kaluza (Member of the Munich Team)