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Global Dev CoP is a platform for Allianz developers with the aim to feel connected and find solutions to problems through each other's experience.

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What is Global Dev CoP?

Global Dev CoP is a common platform for all the developer working at Allianz with the aim to feel connected and exchange knowledge on a global scale.

Why Global Dev CoP?
  • Jointly Finding solutions to problems
  • Following common ways of working and learning the best practices.
  • Learning more about the tools, libraries, frameworks to improve code quality and reduce run costs


Core Team


Asma  Boubakri, Fabien  Brunet, Julien Demare, Ferroukh RafikTanguy LE GALL, Marc  Pons, Víctor  Sauri, Tobias  SiebertJochen Supper, Victor  Borrull

A lot is happening at Allianz Technology to bring developers from all the Allianz entities around the world together. The global Developers Community of Practice (CoP) just got kicked off! It is moving forward to be a community platform for the people who are working as web developers or UX researchers or anyone who share an interest and expertise in the development and design related technical topics to build the best possible end to end user experience. Is here anyone who missed the opening ceremony? No worry! We have gathered all the goodies for you. 😊
The kickoff session was a big success! More than 110 developers join the event from 40+ different Allianz operating entities (OE). During the session, Tanguy LE GALL, Asma Boubakri, Victor Sauri Santacreu, and Tobias Siebert not only introduced us to the structure and roadmap of  the Global Dev COP but also talked about the next steps and common topics. You can read more about the workshop here.
Not to mention Tobias Siebert from Global Digital factory (GDF) is also part of the initiative as the core team members. In the keynote session, they used Pizza as an example and showed how you can generate user journey by using reusable building block. Interesting topic, isn’t it? Our special thanks to the incredible organizer team for making this happen!
In case you do not know, we also have UX/UI Community of Practice (COP) at Allianz where designers come together for exchanging ideas and greater collaboration. Such collaboration helps UX researchers and designers to stay up to date with the latest design trend and the best practices. They share common problems and seek solutions through each other’s experiences. Feeling curious? You can read more about our UX Community of Practice initiative here.

At Allianz we now have community of practice (CoP) platforms for UX designers, UX researchers and developers. Our goal is to position CoP as the one stop platform for discussing technical topics and learning about the industry best practice. Stay connected to our LinkedIn page for the upcoming events of our new community.

eMerge 2022 the Allianz developer conference is an awesome opportunity for the CoPs to come together. We had more than 600 participants and a fantastic line up of tech speakers in eMerge 2021 from Allianz and various other industry leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Oracle, GitHub, TNG. Join us on October 5th and 6th in person or virtually how you feel comfortable. Register here

Before we forget, you can also join us as a guest speaker. Fill out this form and let us know your voice. In case there is any question, you can hit us through email.

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