GDF's Visiting Developer Program continues

Collaboration comes alive with the Visiting Developer Program, this time with two developers from the United Kingdom. 

We got asked a lot - How is it to work at the Allianz GDF? How do processes look? Which tools are available and used to build engaging user experiences? The Visiting Developer Program, introduced this summer, answers these questions.

Behind all the digital customer experiences, the journeys, and the assets lies a sophisticated tech setup which the GDF teams have had adequate opportunities to learn by doing.

A key objective of the Visiting Developer Program is to share these knowledge, insights and experiences and in turn, support Allianz companies to approach the challenges and requirements of digital transformation. We believe collaboration and knowledge sharing are integral parts to manage global digital transformation as a Group. 

In general, the program gives participants a good overview and basic understanding of our tech stack. And more importantly, we want to enable them with the required tools to drive digital transformation within their Allianz entity.

By implementing, using and further developing globally unified systems, sharing failures and lessons learned, and bringing all the experts from all over the world together to collaborate, we can create the best possible digital experiences for our customers. 

Our latest participants in the program are two developers from the United Kingdom. Read below to see what they have to say about it:

Dustin Nguyen, DevOps Technical Lead at  Allianz UK:  

I was really excited to see what GDF has to offer, the different ways of working and the available tools that are out there. So far, I have been impressed. The working environment is awesome – much better than I expected. I have learned a lot about new tools such as Agile Delivery Platform and Container Runtime Platform, platforms that I don’t typically use in my daily work. Not forgetting the networking opportunities, this program is definitely beneficial. I would recommend this program to my colleagues.”

Alan McLean, Technical Architect at Allianz UK: 

My time at GDF has been very fruitful. During this time, I experienced new tools, worked on a real project and learned a lot about the processes in the GDF. I also love the culture and the collaborative atmosphere here. I am looking forward to share these newfound knowledge with my colleagues in the UK.”

We are glad you enjoyed your time with us at the #AllianzGDF, looking forward to meeting again soon! 
Alan & Dustin at their working place at the GDF
Alan & Dustin at the GDF's 'Hamster Wheel'
Alan & Dustin at the GDF's presentation stage

Curiosity piqued and have questions about the program? Reach out to Des Field Corbett

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