And “Back to Stage” it was!

Looking back at eMerge 2022 

And… yes!

It’s a wrap. The 5th edition of eMerge was…. Well, great! Yes. And awesome! Yes. And full of amazing topics! Yes. And…. Special? YES! 

After fully in-person events, and Covid-caused “only” virtual #eMerge in 2020 and 2021, the 2022-edition took the best from both: finally, a real-live event, a real stage for our great speakers and, most important, people in front of the stage. Additionally, the whole conference accessible to everyone, all the frontend, backend and devOps developers from all the Allianz entities around the world!

We are very happy that again more than 500 participants joined us during the two days. More than 16 hours of streaming, 38 sessions in our three streams for #frontend #backend and #DevOps related topics; kicked off with great mainstream and keynote speakers.

2022 it really was time for “Back to Stage!” – read on to see how it happened…!

Back to Stage. For you. For us. For the speakers. It was wonderful to see each other again in person, to also have the REAL stage, to see so many joining virtually.

We cannot sum up the event without writing pages and pages about the great speeches we have heard and the discussions we have had. From Security and Privacy topics, to app, cloud, serverless, Angular, and so much more. If we would have to, we think there is only one fitting headline: eMerge 2022.

What can we do? Share with you the best talks, and impressions from the on-site and online experience, as well as all the recorded sessions (soon – stay tuned!) . But, before we get there, there is one more thing to do.

Jörg Wöhrl from AWS

Description: The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) lets you build applications and infrastructure in the cloud with the power of your favorite programming language. Yes, that's right: Infrastructure as actual code. In this talk we'll have an introductory look into AWS CDK along with its Pipelines module: A construct library for painless continuous delivery of AWS CDK applications.

Congrats, Jörg, you really rocked the show and gave credit to “Back to Stage – eMerge2022”!

For those of you who want to get the whole picture: check the eMerge 2022 agenda (Connect AZ only).

Fabien Brunet and Xavier Lassus 

from Allianz France



Victor Sauri and Sergio Alonso

from Allianz Technology Spain





Tobias Siebert and Jochen Supper

from Allianz technology-GDF









Luca Mezzalira from Amazon Web Services

and Mark Thompson from Google

“How I added a floor to the test pyramid”

I added a level of the test pyramid which allows us to check accessibility but also our carbon footprint. Come and discover how we can verify that our code does not increase our carbon footprint


“Technical capabilities of Microfrontends following Az Tech standards”

Microfrontends' trend have been recently embraced from the logical perspective by Allianz Technology. In this occasion we would like to introduce the technical mapping of those logical patterns as collaboration effort with other teams in regards of MFE concepts: app shell, state management, event communication, etc.


“Generate Customer Journeys from reusable Building Blocks”

We started with the goal to generate customer journeys (Angular web apps) targeted for different markets, use cases and products. On the technical side we wanted to provide a catalogue of reusable Building Blocks, that can be shared across teams and implemented independently. The ingredients you will learn about here are: how we use Angular Schematics to create whole apps, how we use Building Blocks as our modular lego bricks and how we glue all of this together through configurations. The result is a highly configurable Angular app, that can be adjusted to different markets and use cases. To enable this we had to essentially dissemble all pieces that a production app requires and piece them back together through configurations, Building Blocks and plugins. Although this platform contains numerous features and capabilities, the end result is always the same: a normal Angular app. In this talk we will take you through the concepts, the implementation and some examples of our platform.


“Micro-Frontends anti-patterns” & “State of Angular”

Micro-frontends are adopted more often by organizations in different industries thanks to their capability of scaling the organization and creating independent teams. Thanks to this rapid adoption, similar challenges are faced by organizations new to this architecture pattern. In this session, you will learn the most common anti-patterns I've seen in the past 7 years of implementing and consulting multiple companies in their journey into the micro-frontends architecture Whether you are an expert or a newbie, in this talk, you will learn how to structure properly your micro-frontends architecture


Josh Long from VMware



“Kubernetes Native Java” 


Daniel Ruano, Carolina Benito, and Alberto Crego

from Allianz Direct


Katharine Jarmul

from Thoughtworks 

“Allianz Direct SRE Journey”

Overview about how Allianz Direct is implementing Site Reliability Engineering


 “Building Privacy and Security into Software Automation”

Shifting left on security sounds like a great idea, but how do you actually do it? In this talk, we'll cover a few practical examples of building privacy and security testing directly into your CI/CD workflows and cover interesting new technologies that can help.

Organizing a hybrid event, besides your daily tasks….. Well, it is time intense.

Congratulations to the orga team, who, again, did an outstanding job!

Please give: Jochen SupperTobias SiebertAbhishek AgrawalChristoph Fraundorferedgar garmelDavid KaluzaKrishna SinghHarshavardhan Nayak CSaurav ChopraBenazir ⚡Alina Rubina,  Florian Frantz  and Mozammel Hossain - a big applause. 

And, as we heard, they are working on something very cool. All we can say for now is: “The eMerge Cook Book”. #stayTuned 😊

A big thanks also to our sponsors: “No money, no chocolate!” Thank you DIXD, AzDirect, BA, AzTechnology for having our back!

Again: a huge thank you to everyone was part! You rock.

Ready to Safe the Date for 2023? Stay tuned, well update you as soon as possible!

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