Enabling Allianz companies to digitize and strengthen customer ties. Co-creating winning user experiences. Delivering reusable, customer-validated results. Scaling solutions to serve the diversity of our customers across the globe. This is what we do. Let’s talk about how.

We are the new digital delivery arm of Allianz Group, built to drive innovative and global solutions for our customers.

It's a more global world now. More digital. With more and more plugged-in people who expect to get what they want, when they want it. The Global Digital Factory helps Allianz companies see to it that they do. We collaborate to co-create solutions that beam our customers' experience into this digital era.

Working closely with Allianz companies and their customers, we operate in the spirit of a startup, solving the right problems in the right way.

Accessible. Transparent. Straightforward. This is the kind of service tech-savvy customers want. Innovative. Open. Agile. That’s the kind of company Allianz aims to be. Our service design and user experience experts’ job is to make it happen. With ready-to-use digital assets, built with and for Allianz companies.

We solve problems using design-thinking and agile methods to create and deliver digital products and solutions.

Allianz companies know a great deal about the whats, whys and wants of their customers. The Global Digital Factory is here to help with the how. By exchanging ideas. Sharing best practices. Solving common problems. And delivering on the digital performance promise with instant, personal service.

We put our customers first by using experimentation, data and testing to understand their true needs. We stay curious and constantly challenge ourselves to do better.

Customers come first, always. And customer-centric problem-solving is what the Global Digital Factory is all about. We enable Allianz companies to meet urgent business needs. By teaming up with their experts. By jointly developing end-to-end service channels. And by keeping the dialog up, with customers and disruptors.

We choose speed over perfection and understand the value of failing fast. We own what we do, trusting our team to make decisions and take responsibility.

Connect with market experts and business analysts from Allianz companies pursuing a common goal. Bring them to the Global Digital Factory. Spend eight weeks immersed in customers’ needs. Behaviors. Motivations. Aspirations. Find common denominators. Solve the problems with a scalable solution. Go global with it.

We bring colleagues from Allianz companies worldwide to our Factory. We collaborate to develop solutions built on their market insight and our digital expertise.

Allianz is fast-tracking its digital journey. Two months of design-minded collaboration in Munich. A few months more to develop concepts into ready-to-use digital solutions. And now we aim to go from kick off to international launch and scaling faster than we ever did before.

A host of Allianz companies. Dozens of digital experts from five continents. Eight weeks on site. Plenty of cultural and regulatory perspectives. The numbers add up.

Empathy is instinctive, insight is empirical. To understand customers, we conduct research and remote testing in homes, focus groups, social media and wherever else our work takes us. We collaborate with our partners to iteratively build our validated solutions for their markets.

Enable, Co-create, Deliver and Scale; these are the four components of any journey we undertake to turn changing expectations into engaging customer experiences.

A case study: How to simplify life insurance? Allianz experts from Spain, Belgium, Italy and Germany gathered at our Factory to work on new ways of buying life insurance. Personas, interviews, ideation sessions. All aimed to create a more personal customer journey. With simplicity and fairness as design drivers. Allianz Spain’s Alexandra Lafuente put it best: "It was like getting a master's degree in collaboration.”

Historically, insurance solutions centered on products - not people. But that’s exactly what we are here to change. And that’s what we mean by building engaging customer experiences.

Another example is a motor insurance story. A business transformation expert in Australia, Luke Morath explains: "Different cultures drive the delivery of solutions across Allianz. It's never too early to bring customers into the design process and collaborate to standardize and customize claims solutions."